Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nema's first agility class!

I have been researching dog agility classes in my area, and on Saturday Jan. 24 B & I took Nema to try out a Pre-Agility course. It took her a few tries to walk across the whole beam rather than jumping off after a few steps, but once she caught on she was extremely enthusiastic. The teacher said she was learning quickly so she recommended we move her to the Agility 1 class. I was so proud of her. :-)

Nema had a great time jumping over tunnels, running through tunnels, running over beams, weaving through poles, and teetering on a see-saw. It was great physical exercise, of course, (for both of us, actually) but also it was challenging her mentally to learn new things. And it helps reinforce her obedience training.

The below photos show us starting up the beam, Nema running across it, and then down the other side.

Nema also learned to weave between poles, as shown below.

Although she was initially a little unsure of what to do when going through the tunnel (at first she just kept jumping over the tunnel) once she figured it out she loved running through it!

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